Understanding life and death

Over the past two years, my life and my understanding of this world have changed utterly.  I did not know that consciousness could survive death.  I thought that death was the end.  I now know that I was wrong.  I have chronicled my bereavement and the extraordinary signs that I have received from Patrick, my deceased husband, in my book,  WhatsApps from Heaven, Bereavement in the Twenty-first CenturyThis will be published in July 2022, which is very exciting. It is available to pre-order now from Amazon. But since it was signed off, I have received yet more WhatsApps from Patrick.

I should explain that the very first WhatsApp from Patrick appeared on my phone, ready to send to Maria, a medium whom I had consulted, in June 2019.  I had been at the top of the garden in the summerhouse and I had left my phone in the kitchen.  Imagine my surprise when I returned to the empty and silent house to find a whole lot of apparent gibberish on my phone, ready for me to click on “send”.  There was no possible natural explanation for all the words in the message box.  Then Maria started to find messages on her phone ready to send to me, and the whole saga began.  The first WhatsApp groups that Patrick created also appeared on my phone – and they were created while I was out walking my dog, Phoebe, with the phone in my pocket.   Neither Maria nor I could find any explanation for these WhatsApps other than that they were the work of Patrick.

In my book, I detail the Whatsapps and other extraordinary signs I have received up to and including 18 February 2021, the second anniversary of Patrick’s death.  Then last night, on 18 March, I suddenly received several more messages.  They were as follows:

Cypr.:is wioifk

Sri xcxvlaminake

Stulvkka Rory





Each line came separately, so there were 7 WhatsApps in all.  Patrick has never mentioned Cyprus before –although Sri Lanka has often come up and I have no idea why.  I wonder if the second line is another attempt at Sri Lanka which went a little askew? I’m not sure why he is saying that the sailing was him, and the reference to Cyprus wine is also obscure.  I went to Cyprus with three friends in the autumn of 2019, a few months after Patrick had died, and he sent a remarkable sign to us while we were there, which I describe in my book, but we didn’t go sailing.   I don’t think you can get much clearer than, I can hear darling, and I think the last line must be, Please hear me.  I can also read, It’s me darling.

This gives me the shivers, but also fills me with such joy, to think that Patrick is still around in spirit. I have done some research, and I have found instances of electronic communication from the afterlife, but I have not yet heard of any spirits using WhatsApps.  Please let me know if you have received a WhatsApp from a loved one who has passed.

It’s funny really, because Patrick used to get very cross when people talked about “passing”.  He thought it was a ridiculous euphemism. When he himself was dying and a visitor from the hospice tried to talk to him about his passing, he interrupted and forcibly said, “I’m going to die, not pass!”  I rather shared his point of view, but now I find myself naturally thinking that he has passed, not died.  I think he has passed to another dimension, and he continues to work really hard to let me know that he still is conscious, and still is with me.  How comforting is that!

20 March 2021

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