About me

I never thought that I would be creating a website and telling the world about myself, but it is strange how life presents sudden unexpected twists and turns.

Until recently, my life experiences were pretty conventional. I was a divorced mother of three and a law lecturer. Then I met my second husband. We moved to the country and I started to make pots. Our life was idyllic until my husband’s untimely death at the comparatively young age of 71. This was a terrible, heart-breaking loss, which seemed to leave nothing but devastation in its wake. But then slowly the grief became shot through with threads of joy because, against all expectation, I started to receive signs and messages from him. My book, WhatsApps from Heaven, Bereavement in the Twenty-first Century, is an account both of my bereavement and of the amazing signs that I received— and continue to receive up to this day. I had no belief in the afterlife until I received signs which, in my eyes, were quite irrefutable. Now I find immense comfort in knowing that consciousness survives death, and I want to share my story, to bring solace to others who are bereaved.